The Sea

I’ve never liked being out of my depth.

I am a good swimmer and have swum in some awesome places including the Colorado River that carved out the Grand Canyon (with a life jacket, and a life line to the raft) but I find the idea of being a tiny individual bobbing about over a vast depth containing goodness knows what, unnerving.

So my last ‘picture’ of who I am meant to be is a swimmer being called to go out deeper and deeper, to rely more and more on God and less and less on me… this is scary.

Again I’d been prepared for this image in September on holiday when I not only took lots of sea shots I also actually went in to the surf.

What looked like great fun from the shore, rapidly became scary, exhausting and at times overwhelming.  So when my friend Diane played me this song ‘Your love makes me brave’ which also contains the line ‘you call me out in to the waves’ I knew the two had to go together.

(This isn’t me in the photos)

You make me brave

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