Short Grumpy Blog Post

Does this make anyone else cross? Or is it just me? I go to buy deodorant and can only fine stuff that last 48 hours? Now, why oh why, would I want my deodorant to last 48 hours? I wash daily, I apply deodorant daily. Am I meant to now remember whether I put deodorant on yesterday or not?
How tedious. Why must everything be super-sized? What is with our culture that says tha bigger, faster, stronger or longer is better. Daily is perfectly sufficient, at least it was, now the whole shelf of deodorants are created to last for two days.
I’m very aware this gripe is making me sound like a ‘grumpy old woman’, do I care? Did any one ask me if I wanted a day off from applying deodorant?
My children tease me occasionally about the (in their view) occasionally uncessary Bibilical spin on many of my blog posts. I can hear Matthew saying, ‘and how is this linked to scripture Mum?’ Easy: ‘do not worry about about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble of it’s own’.
‘Sufficient unto the day is the sweat thereof’!

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