Supersonic Cycling!

Today I began my training regime for my big summer ride.

I rode 615 miles around Draycote  Water!!!!

No kidding – check this out:


And if you look closely, I went all that way and didn’t even make it home!

I wouldn’t have minded but it was a bit galling to find out I’d gone that far and still had 3 miles to get home.

Apparently I was doing a mile every 8 seconds! No wonder the woman stopped giving me updates – she couldn’t keep up! And as for calories, I had to round down the actual amount, it wouldn’t let me save the NINE digit number it originally recorded. That must be worth a few buns.

So okay, it’s not a late April Fool’s. I confess, I only cycled about 15 miles,  the app on my gadget went beserk.  But it was fun!

In June I will be doing an  8 day ride from Lowestoft to St David’s – 60 miles a day. Doing the ‘side to side’ on quiet back roads and taking it reasonably slow. I’m very, very excited.  But I’ve been battling injury for the last 6 weeks and the weather certainly hasn’t helped.  Now April  is here I really have to focus so I was determined to get out in spite of the cold. I wore: 2 pairs of trousers, 1 pair leg warmers, three base layers, arm-warmers and gloves. I also put self- heating pads in my shoes. And yes, I was still cold.

Most people think I’m mad but after enthusing about it the other day to one friend, she said ‘I get it! It’s a retreat on a bike… I still think you’re mad but I get it’. 

It is indeed. I am going alone except that my beloved will join me when I reach the welsh hills. He wont cycle but he can take my panniers off the bike and meet me every evening. I also hope to benefit two charities. One is the International Justice Mission UK which works to free women trapped in prostitution in India as well as families and children enslaved in bonded labour. Any offline donations will go to Casa Reom the project our church works with in Mozambique.

I’ll create a donation page soon and keep you updated but at last the training regime has really got off to a ‘flying start’!

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