Bibleathon – do the maths!

Morning all,

We are 48 hours 28 minutes in and reading Jeremiah, sorry can’t be more specific about which chapter.

However I do know that we reached Psalm 117 – the alleged mid-point of the Bible at 11.41pm last night.

Would any one like to predict when we’re going to finish? Maths is not my strong point and I do confess to feeling a bit brain addled at the moment. (But much better for a good night’s sleep – thanks to the youth team for taking over a whole night last night) .

Yesterday we had 120 kids from local schools come and take part. It was just brilliant to see how excited they were be part of such a big challenge, to sign the book recording all the readers and be given a sticker and a Jubilee New Testament.

Anyway, if anyone’s still reading (sorry,  I know these updates might be getting a bit boring for my usual readers) I’m still very interested in predictions/speculations as to when we’ll finish.


4 thoughts on “Bibleathon – do the maths!

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  1. 3:15 pm Sunday working on 39hours 35 mins. but we have no schools reading and people are more familiar with the new testament readings so maybe earlier

  2. Looking at the old testament finishing around 6pm, and seeing how much faster Adults were reading (there was a big difference), around 10.15am is likely. If they can say 9 words in the space of when they have been saying 10, then it will run to 12.15pm.

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