Reading the Entire Bible… in ‘about’ 80 hours: a Bibleathon

What would you need if you wanted to read the entire Bible through from start to finish without stopping?

A lot of coffee?

Around 80 spare hours?

Very good reading glasses?

An insane desire to do something that feels impossible?

Answer: none of the above. (Well, okay, maybe some of the above)

Answer: you need more than one reader!

I am blessed with more than 78 people who have signed up to read in our Bibleathon.  Most are reading for 15 minutes and some are reading for 30 minutes. One or two are reading for several hours (those being the wee small hours of the morning!). In addition to all these wonderful people we also have children from 3 local schools coming down to take part, they might only read a few verses each, but everyone who takes part will sign the book, get a sticker and all the local school children will get a Jubilee New Testament. The ‘Youth’ of the church and their leaders are also taking us through the whole of a night, thanks guys, much appreciated.

How long’s it going to take?  I’m not really too sure. We are guessing about 80 hours based on other people’s experiences. We start tomorrow Thursday 17th May at 8am and hope to finish on Sunday afternoon.  (For all other details go to

We are reading outside in daylight hours and inside through the night from one specially purchased large print version of the Good News Bible. We have a comfy chair, a reading light and a flag to wave if you are reading and need someone to take over NOW!

I’m still interested in offers to read from insomniacs and early risers. The ‘late’ show on Saturday night is also still available. (‘Reading with Sheila’ now there’s a Saturday night out with a difference!) Get in touch via the website above.

Tomorrow is Ascension Day, what a brilliant day to begin the BIG story: 775,600 words, 31,100 verses, 1,189 chapters and 66 books by over 40 different authors.  I’ll try to keep the blog updated but that probably means a few very short updates along the line of ’18 hours in and 2 Chronicles is going on forever’ as I won’t be near a computer.

Oops! Let’s hope not…

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