Victoria: ‘sitting pretty’!

Those of you who know and love Victoria will enjoy the photo below which she has given me permission to post up.

In the interests of fairness (seeing as embarrassing photos of me have recently been posted on this blog): captions are invited!

The occasion for her joy is the installation of a decent orthopaedic  mattress which hopefully will help protect her back. It was great to be able to help her track down and choose this vital piece of equipment (recommended by her doctors in the UK) but it did take some nagging on my part.

Victoria is a fully paid up member of the “stalwart, stiff upper lip” club. ‘I’m fine’ is her standard set back to the kind of set backs that would knock the rest of us for six eg having Malaria. So for these last two weeks she has been gracious as I have ‘beaten her over the head’ with a new mantra, one I am only just learning myself:

‘SELF-care is not  SELFish’. ‘You are the only gift you have to offer to the world and back to God, therefore you must do all that you can to wisely safe-guard that gift’.

(This is from the Pete Scazerro book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – see previous blog called Looking Below the Surface)

Hence the purchase of the new mattress, conveniently found in a tiny store only 200 yards from the base and identical to the one David and I recently researched and bought for ourselves but available here for only about a third of the price!

Gloria A Deus!

And doesn’t she look great?

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