New Year’s Day… and I’ve ‘lost’ Jesus

We stayed up to see the New Year in. My final thought before falling asleep was ‘where is Baby Jesus? I haven’t seen him since Christmas Day’. 

I was not having a profound religious musing in the early hours (although the clock was telling me it was 11 minutes past 1 on the  1/1/11 – so one did feel a slight obligation to think  0f something profound !) However the above question was all I could come up with. Not having anyone around to ask, it continued to bother me on and off through the night.

In the course of a New Year’s Eve party I’d been talking about Baby Jesus moments in crib services I have taken. To be truthfully that sentence should read ‘lack of Baby Jesus’ moments in crib services I have taken, because I have probably forgotten him more times that I’ve remembered him. D’oh!

This year I had been determined not to make the same mistake – I took 3 child friendly crib events in December and succeeded in having him there for 2 of them, so my success rate is going up and to be fair I didn’t know I was taking the third event till a few hours before.

Perhaps I should just clarify at this point that I hadn’t actually secured a personal appearance from the good Lord himself in infant form – I’d just borrowed a life sized doll from a good friend and wrapped him in a pillowcase.

It was THIS Baby Jesus I hadn’t seen since Christmas day!

However the sun came up on the New Year’s day and several hours after that David was awake enough to reassure me that Jesus was safe and well – it turns out he’s in a cardboard box in the garage. (Seems rather appropriate somehow, don’t you think, given that we don’t have a crib or a stable to offer!)

Losing sight of Jesus midst all the food, wrappings and general excitement of the holiday period is probably a risk we all run (I’m talking metaphorically now) Here we are at New Year and the challenge is to find him again and keep him in centre of our lives.

Happy New Year

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Day… and I’ve ‘lost’ Jesus

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  1. Happy New Year to you and your family; not forgetting the dog! I do look forward to your posts and this one is no exception – keeping the baby Jesus at the centre of Christmas is so hard in a secular society.
    The church I attend has used the same nativity scene for many years (it still looks good) and the problem of where to keep the baby Jesus before Christmas day was solved when it was put under Mary’s skirt!

  2. A clergy friend of mine asked a baptism parent, via a phone call, if their child could be baby Jesus. ( his memory made the child about 6 months – perfect. ) turns out he/she was 2 yrs old and spent the whole of the service rampaging around the church… ( not sure if any tables were turned over..)

    ( this is me, by the way I am on here too now- just! )

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