Dance Round The Kitchen to a great tune with a best mate

This week began with ‘Blue Monday’, the day most of us are supposed to feel depressed after Christmas but I began my week by dancing in the kitchen with my beloved. This bubble of joy was brought on by having an idea. Just the one! But it was the first one in long, long time and it felt so good to feel creative again.

I feel like I am emerging from a long dark tunnel of pain and stress brought on by having ‘tennis elbow’ in my ankle (yes, there is a more technical term but it’s a miserable condition whatever you call it) and being away at college. College is great, lovely people and stimulating lectures but I just miss home alot when I’m there. Oh yes, and did I mention a lack of waggy tail and warm wet nose? Bobby’s arrival has significantly boosted joy levels around here.

Anyway I’m not at college now! I’m home! and I can cook my favourite food in my kitchen for my favourite people listening to my favourite music (which on this occasion was Amy Macdonald, I used to listen to it on long distance cycle rides, so it brings back loads of happy memories).

Sometimes when you feel joyful, you’ve just got to dance. Even if your beloved thinks you’re mad and you have to stop first and put your arch supports in your slippers!

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  1. Always a good idea to celebrate your successes and ignore any failures (learn from them of course but then forget them).Glad to hear things are going well. Is this another book in the pipeline?Della

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