Go Braless, it’ll pull the wrinkles out of your face

Now that’s the kind of advice that I like! It encourages us to look good but not to take ourselves too seriously. I want to use this blog to put down just that kind of stuff: tips, advice (silly and serious), statistics, helpful info and just my views on body image in general.
The theme for the blog is ‘Live Life Loved’ and it covers all sorts of ways to make life more joyous: to look good and feel great. Tips and info will come under one of four categories.
Food – what’s good for you, what’s not, how to eat a healthy diet – also self-indulgent recipes for celebrate life
Fitness – how to keep motivated and make it fun. Sheila’s passions are walking the dog and riding her bike but the posts will cover what works and what’s new
Fashion – mostly how to look good on the cheap
Fun – ‘fun’ covers everything else but sex will surely get a mention from time to time.

So take a look and enjoy looking after yourself and your amazing body.

One thought on “Go Braless, it’ll pull the wrinkles out of your face

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  1. My wonderbra was working so well for me and now I have to choose between that and wrinkles? What are a few laughter lines between friends?Della

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