Take 6 bricks…

Jesus told a lot of stories and performed actions that were often all about how to make a lot out of not very much: the mustard seed of faith, the meal for 5,000 from a few loaves and fishes.

If only Jesus had had Lego!

I came across this extraordinary piece of information in Lego Store in Leicester Square last week. I cannot verify it mathematically because I’m just not wired that way but I would like to think that those clever lego people can be trusted

Take one lego brick and you can make 1 combination

Take two lego bricks and you can make 24 different combinations

Take 3 and you get 1560

Take 4 and you have 119,580 ways to put those bricks together

Take 5 and you’ll be looking for 10 million, 166 thousand and 403 combinations

Take 6 bricks and your number of possible combinations is 915,103,765 (Nine hundered and fifteen million, one hundered and three thousand, seven hundered and sixty-five).

I read that on a wall in the Lego store and I needed to just take a moment….

So often in the church we feel weak because we are so few in number, ‘what can we do?’ we wonder. But Jesus didn’t take 6 disciples, he chose 12 and they turned their world upside down.

So next time you feel a bit defeated by low numbers – take 6 bricks – and rememeber it’s in the combination of our faith, hope, love, that the magic happens.

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