Outward Change

What makes a new place feel like ‘home’?

After the last blog on ‘inward change’ this one is simply about our recent changes with not too much in the way of deeper reflection.

It’s mostly for those of you who have followed our progress through our recent move but haven’t managed to visit us yet.


I’m sure it’s possible to feel at home in a place that isn’t beautiful but it’s sure does feel very beautiful here. I’m loving the way you can see hills in the distance, the ease with which we can walk along a river and simple beauty of the backgarden.


It may be a bit too soon to claim familiarity – I’m still fairly challenged geographically speaking – but I’ve realised that living here has very strong echoes of living in the ‘garden of England’ which is where I spent my teenage years. Just seeing the children boarding the bus to go to school 8 miles away reminds of me of my own secondary school experience and the landscape, houses and villages all feel ‘familiar’. Even the house, in a rather uncanny way feels familiar but I’ve realised this is because aspects of it reminds me strongly of a house I lived in as a child (in Nigeria of all places) but never the less, the connection has helped me feel at home.


Undoubtedly this is the single most important factor that makes you feel at home. From the day when the neighbour first said hello on one of our early visits, we have felt very welcomed by both village people and church folk. Even without the handshakes or hugs, people’s words and smiles have meant a great deal. And all the useful information: it would take us a year of Sunday dinners out to visit all the recommended pubs which neither budget not waist lines will permit but we will do best to visit a few.

So for those of you who are interested here is taste of our new location.

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