‘It is what it is’

This is a phrase that has got me through some difficult experiences and some low moments. I’ve found myself saying it again to a couple of people lately.

It may sound like resignation but  there is a world of difference between resignation and acceptance (see image). So when I say this phrase I mean acceptance. Acceptance isn’t easy, I sometimes think of it as a tender, delicate flower pushing it’s way up through hard, unyeilding ground. It’s fragile and easily knocked but, in its full blown form, acceptance is beautiful it can become a wholehearted embracing of whatever the situation is, just as it is:  “it is what it is”.

It’s a helpful state of mind to reach but I’ve sometimes wondered what the Biblical version of this phrase is or whether there even is one?  This morning I thought of this verse “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it”.

This day, this weather, these tasks, this situation (even this distress, not that God makes distresses, they just happen, but God is still the one available to us to walk through that distress). This IS the day the Lord has made. This IS the day that lies open before me, I have been given breath and life to live this day.

Is it raining when you hoped it would be sunny? (Metaphorically or actually?)

Can you still accept it: “it is what it is“? Can you wholeheartedly embrace it and even find the glints of joy that hint at the presence of God, like Jewels hidden in dry sand?  Can you allow these to crack open your heart and your mind to allow in the love and presence of God?


Love this quote from Frederick Beuchner:



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