Dying to look Good on Blue Monday?

On the ‘official’ worst day of the year,  just when we are (allegedly) all feeling as miserable at it’s possible to feel the Daily Mail publish a shocking article (nothing unusual there then?).  If your quick fix fantasy has ever been to have boob job, a face lift or a tummy tuck, then you should read this article,  When Looks can Kill.

It’s not often I direct people to the Daily Mail but this article stated something I have believed for a long time and gave some very convincing data to back it up.  Here are just two excerpts:

‘the suicide rate is up to three times higher in women who have had breast implants’.
And suicide is not the only negative outcome: ‘cosmetic surgery patients had a three-times higher rate of death due to self-destructive acts, such as binge-drinking, drug ¬overdoses and reckless driving’.

The article concluded that many, many people  are deeply disappointed by the outcome.  And that most of them would have benefitted from therapy not surgery.

In the light of this Daily Mail article, a Christian Radio station rang me up and asked me ‘do I think plastic surgery is intrinsically an unchristian thing to do?’ Interesting question! What do you think?

Should we just accept ourselves as we are?  Or, if we are prepared to diet to improve out appearance why not go under the knife, if we can afford it? In what circumstances do you think plastic surgery is justified?  Have you had plastic surgery? Would you be prepared to say what you’ve had done and why? I would be so interested to hear from you.

Given that a recent study done for the Girl Guides revealed that half of secondary school girls plan to have plastic surgery, these are important questions. What would you say to your daughter if she cried herself to sleep every night over her appearance and you had it in your power to ‘fix’ the problem?

I would love to hear your thoughts. ( No pictures for this post, I searched for a few moments but began to feel queasy)

To read more of the article you can go to

One thought on “Dying to look Good on Blue Monday?

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  1. Difficult questions. My initial response would be that we shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery but then my children had their teeth straightened which appears to be as much to do with appearance as function. (Mine would have been done if I hadn’t knocked the front 2 out on a school playground age 11.)

    A fews ago I had to take my son to Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead to have his fingernail bed repaired after it got shut in a school door, was that cosmetic? What would Sir Archibald McIndoe think of the current use of plastic surgery?

    In the end I suspect the problem is our societies obsession with looks at the expense of the inner person. You, like me, must know people who at first glance aren’t good looking but the moment you get to know them an inner beauty comes through that makes them an attractive person. So my answer would be in general I don’t think it is the Christian thing to do but, as always, there are always exceptions.

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