He remembers that we are dust

I am writing this whilst settling back into a chair in just the right position to hold an ice pack on to my spine between my shoulder blades. This is just another part of my body to be subjected to the ice-pack treatment. Training for this bike ride has been one long saga of setbacks... Continue Reading →

Kit List: what have I forgotten?

Making a list for my cycle ride. 5 days worth of stuff because David can bring supplies for days 6,7 and 8.  So far: cycling outfit (shorts/t-shirt/socks) x 2 (That's one set on and one being 'recycled') pants - 1 pair ('1pair?' Mind your own business) trackie bottoms x1 warm fleece x 1 wet weather... Continue Reading →

Sixty Miles!

So I cycled 60 miles yesterday - and the only part of my body that hurts is the one part that has absolutely nothing to do with riding my bike - my teeth! This does seem a little unfair but 'hey',  I'm deeply, deeply grateful that no other bits of me are hurting. Some bits... Continue Reading →

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