Granny’s 80th Cake Day

On Sunday I ate cake for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper! Cake was just about the only thing I ate on Sunday - it was Gran's birthday. How fitting a celebration for someone with  life-long love of cake? Once asked by her two grand-children if she could speak any other languages she said 'Yes' very... Continue Reading →

Tattoo or not Tattoo?

Time to come clean: I have a tattoo. I've decided it's time to be open about what it means and what it means to me. (A lot of people will see it this coming weekend and I know I'll get asked a lot! So if you're going to tell one person what it means you... Continue Reading →

Be Joyful in Hope

On Wednesday evening as part of our Lent course, a group of us from church studied a passage from Romans 12: 9-21. In the CEV the chapter is entitled 'How to live the new life of Love'. How to... indeed... that is the question. This passage gets really specific. 21 instructions follow one after the... Continue Reading →

Christmas in November

Yes, I know it's too early. Christmas is 5 weeks today and we've still got the whole of Advent to get through but I'm in a mood to celebrate. Many vicars dread the Christmas season and not without reason, it's a full on period with lots of extra services. But compared to this time last... Continue Reading →

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