Mary and Joseph have gone AWOL

This morning, I came to tidy away the nativity figures from the top of our (now mostly eaten) Christmas cake. Mary and Joseph are missing. They were not edible . so I do hope no one nibbled them. I interrogated the most most likely suspect but under pressure he only yawned and looked at me... Continue Reading →

So who would you stay up for?

Last week I heard a sermon on the parable of the watchful servants.  (Luke 12:35-38).  The story goes like this: the servants of a household stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning so as not to be caught 'napping' by the master of the household.  The traditional interpretation is 'Don't get caught napping' or,... Continue Reading →

He remembers that we are dust

I am writing this whilst settling back into a chair in just the right position to hold an ice pack on to my spine between my shoulder blades. This is just another part of my body to be subjected to the ice-pack treatment. Training for this bike ride has been one long saga of setbacks... Continue Reading →

Kit List: what have I forgotten?

Making a list for my cycle ride. 5 days worth of stuff because David can bring supplies for days 6,7 and 8.  So far: cycling outfit (shorts/t-shirt/socks) x 2 (That's one set on and one being 'recycled') pants - 1 pair ('1pair?' Mind your own business) trackie bottoms x1 warm fleece x 1 wet weather... Continue Reading →

Sixty Miles!

So I cycled 60 miles yesterday - and the only part of my body that hurts is the one part that has absolutely nothing to do with riding my bike - my teeth! This does seem a little unfair but 'hey',  I'm deeply, deeply grateful that no other bits of me are hurting. Some bits... Continue Reading →

Supersonic Cycling!

Today I began my training regime for my big summer ride. I rode 615 miles around Draycote  Water!!!! No kidding - check this out: And if you look closely, I went all that way and didn't even make it home! I wouldn't have minded but it was a bit galling to find out I'd gone... Continue Reading →

The Kindness of Strangers

Earlier this week a had a lovely encounter in second hand shop that reminded me that where we can take small actions to help someone else, the effect can be out of all proportion to the effort. My second cousin had been staying for a long weekend. A whole generation below me in age, she... Continue Reading →

Skiing or Snowboarding?

Has anyone else noticed it's been trying to snow again today? It feels like a divine nudge to me - this morning God told me I needed to learn how to snowboard! Yeah right, like that's going to happen! I'd be a bit of baby when it comes to snowboarding.  So there's no chance I'm... Continue Reading →

Life advice

I have no idea if this really is a photo of the claimed author of this wisdom or even if there is a such a person as  Regina Brett, 90 years old, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio  but I hope there is and I hope she won't mind me reproducing this onto my... Continue Reading →

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