Treasure and ponder

What do you "treasure and ponder"? Most probably it is happy memories, kind things that have been said to you or moments of wonder. It is most unlikely that you "treasure and ponder" the moment a close friend told you that something terrible was going to happen. We might remember such moments, but we are... Continue Reading →

Transformation not Observation

So we are in the middle of Lent - a time when many people choose a discipline which helps them 'observe' the season. For many streams of the church, Lent kicks off with an act of religious observation - receiving the ashes on your forehead. But Lent is about more than outward observation; Lent is... Continue Reading →

Where Memories Go – book Review

This is one of the saddest books I've ever read. That's not to say it isn't good, it is.  But it is also pretty unrelentingly sad. Sally Magnusson, daughter of the well-known writer and TV personality,  Magnus Magnusson, writes both her mother's life story and the story of the mother's descent into dementia. Along the... Continue Reading →

What faith means to me

I came across this poem. It's out there in the public domain and is by American poet William Stafford. I don't know what 'the thread' meant to him but for me this poem expresses perfectly what faith in the reality of God means to me. George Macdonald, a writer of allegorical fairy tales who greatly... Continue Reading →

Grave concerns

Twice in the space of a week I have found myself reflecting on big questions while standing in a graveyard. Last week I took my mother up to Scotland for a brief visit to the village she grew up in. In between visits to living relatives, we took a tour around the cemetery. It was... Continue Reading →

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