Why Worship Matters

"Let man's soul be a sphere and then, in this,  the intelligence that moves, devotion is" These are lines from a poem by John Donne (1573-1631), hardly contemporary but still wonderfully insightful. We have all sorts of words for worship these days: praise/adoration/contemplation but I think loves this phrase, worship or 'devotion' is 'the intelligence... Continue Reading →

Struggling towards the light

I have learnt a spiritual lesson from growing potatoes.  Just when they begin to show little green shoots just above the surface of the soil like this: you are supposed to dump another inch or two of soil on top of them! I was so excited to see these little shoots begin to appear, it... Continue Reading →

Life is not plain sailing

Life is not plain sailing and I am not a sailor. But life is like consenting to a journey in a little sailing boat. I am not keen on boats in general, little boats in particular: too vulnerable, too open to the elements. There is only room in this boat (which is my life) for... Continue Reading →

A place of ‘holy mystery’

In Luke 7 there are two stories of resurrection. Jesus raises the nearly dead, the centurion's servant, and the very dead, the son of the widow of Nain. Immediately after the young man sits up and starts talking there is a moment of stunned silence. Before the expression of noisy opinions or the blustering of... Continue Reading →

Treasure and ponder

What do you "treasure and ponder"? Most probably it is happy memories, kind things that have been said to you or moments of wonder. It is most unlikely that you "treasure and ponder" the moment a close friend told you that something terrible was going to happen. We might remember such moments, but we are... Continue Reading →

Transformation not Observation

So we are in the middle of Lent - a time when many people choose a discipline which helps them 'observe' the season. For many streams of the church, Lent kicks off with an act of religious observation - receiving the ashes on your forehead. But Lent is about more than outward observation; Lent is... Continue Reading →

Where Memories Go – book Review

This is one of the saddest books I've ever read. That's not to say it isn't good, it is.  But it is also pretty unrelentingly sad. Sally Magnusson, daughter of the well-known writer and TV personality,  Magnus Magnusson, writes both her mother's life story and the story of the mother's descent into dementia. Along the... Continue Reading →

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