Today I swam to Revelation

and it was a blinking long way, I'm not doing that again for while! I don't mean I swam until I had a revelation (and jumped out the pool shrieking 'Eureka') I mean I swam to Revelation...from Genesis. From the first book of the Bible to the final one - 66 lengths. Any further and I'd have... Continue Reading →

Chocolate: better for you than fruit?

My daily treat is a really nice cup of coffee. No added sugar, just one sweetener: so not too 'sinful' in the calorie stakes. The thing is that it's hard to have a coffee without 'a little something' to go with it. Coffee and croissant? Coffee and cake? Coffee and biscuits for dunking?  or Coffee... Continue Reading →

Learning to Breathe

I've been working on my breathing... You'd think that after a near half century of breathing, I'd have mastered it by now. Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale... exhale. The tricky bit is synchronising this action with the necessary front crawl actions of  'face in the water - exhale', then 'face out the water- inhale'. It's much... Continue Reading →

Coming Clean…

I'd like to make a confession.  For the last month or so I've been meaning to blog about something new in my life but saying this thing out loud (even in blog) feels a bit like being in one of those meetings that begin:  'Hello. My name is Sheila and I am an......  But this... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year! Ovey!

I am very late with my New Year Greetings this year but  not 9 months late, just 9 days. I meant to put this post up on Sept 1st which always feels far more like New Year to me  than January 1st ever does. Not alot changes in January apart from a number. Whereas in... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming

Dory, the little blue fish in Finding Nemo has to be one of my favourite children's film characters. She suffers from amnesia and confusion but somehow manages to hold on to her friends, her sanity and her sense of purpose, summed up by her catch phrase 'Just Keep Swimming'. In other words when you're not... Continue Reading →

Shoe Heaven

Hooray! My first full day in normal shoes for six months. That's a really big HOORAY! After hundreds of pounds on private physiotherapy, hours and hours of  tedious exercises, six sessions of ultrasound and a small fortune on pain-relieving gels, fancy foot support insoles and high tech ankle straps.... it turns out all a girl needs... Continue Reading →

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