How am I doing? The dangers of comparison

Comparison is a dangerous business – we are rarely level-headed in our judgement when we compare ourselves with others. Either we find fault with others and serve ourselves a little slice of ‘superiority pie’ or we feel intimidated by their brilliance/effectiveness/giftedness/fruitfulness and we defeat ourselves by picking up an inner badge and wearing it all... Continue Reading →

The Sea

I've never liked being out of my depth. I am a good swimmer and have swum in some awesome places including the Colorado River that carved out the Grand Canyon (with a life jacket, and a life line to the raft) but I find the idea of being a tiny individual bobbing about over a... Continue Reading →

The Cat

On day two of the retreat (see previous post) we were sent out into the garden to practise 'Terra Divina' - in simple language we were to spend twenty minutes listening to what God might say to us through the natural world. Not knowing much about trees and birds I found this intimidating. However I... Continue Reading →

Stand in the light

In my garden there is a gift. This gift is a beech hedge. Every season it gives us some new joy but I think it glows brightest in autumn. Having changed my header photo to reflect the season, I thought I'd just put up a poem in honour of trees  and all they give us/teach... Continue Reading →

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