It’s all about the welcome

Yesterday in church we remembered the conversion experience of the apostle Paul. This reflection comes too late for anyone who had to preach yesterday and lacked inspiration. We speak about a ¬†'Damascus Road experience' or about 'seeing the light' to mean a sudden turn around of thinking. A dramatic conversion or change of view. In... Continue Reading →

A Better Way to Say Sorry

This is an amazingly good post about saying sorry (click link below). It's written by a teacher and talks about how to teach children to say sorry and mean it. Maybe if we were all able to do this there would not be the kind of fear/hate crimes that we have seen in France recently.... Continue Reading →

Mornings in Jenin – A Book Review

(this review contains no plot spoilers) This is a book that deserves the widest possible reading. It covers the Palestinian - Jewish conflict through the experiences of one family over sixty years beginning before 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel and ending around 2002. The story traces the lives, loves and losses of... Continue Reading →

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