Victoria: ‘sitting pretty’!

Those of you who know and love Victoria will enjoy the photo below which she has given me permission to post up. In the interests of fairness (seeing as embarrassing photos of me have recently been posted on this blog): captions are invited! The occasion for her joy is the installation of a decent orthopaedic ... Continue Reading →

Mozambique Part Three: ‘It’s complicated’

Well, I am coming towards the end of my time in Mozambique.  Victoria and I have had lots of ‘funny moments’, some ’fed- up moments’ (feeling tired/sick/grubby/sweaty/confused/bored waiting in hospital queues etc) only a couple of ‘frightening moments’ (lights going out at the base and a wild storm at 1am when I apparently came off... Continue Reading →

Mozambique Part Two: Where’s Wally?

Yesterday I was able to spend quite a long time with the boys teaching them some English, playing with puzzles and looking at books. ‘Where’s Wally?’ is one of their favourite books, they are content to search over and over again at the crowded pages seeking out the little red and white Wally figure. Last... Continue Reading →

First 2 days

This was my first view of Beira as I arrived on Weds. My journey went very smoothly, thankfully. I was delighted to be reunited with both my suitcase and my friend Victoria. First impressions were fairly overwhelming: noise from the building site outside our bedroom. the street vendors with  all their goods on the pavement,... Continue Reading →

Trip to Mozambique

Tomorrow I am setting off for Mozambique. I've been practicing my portuguese, packing my bag, and trying not to panic. I am going on my own to visit Casa Re'om, a home for street kids in Beira and I am very much looking forward to seeing Victoria who works there and meeting Oliveira and Angelica... Continue Reading →

Looking Below the Surface

Here is a really excellent piece of advice: 'NEVER EVER compare the edited, digitally enhanced, carefully presented highlights of someone else's life with the broken, wonky, slightly unhinged or painful reality that you know to be your own. Don't ever look at 'other people' and think 'wow, they've got it all together, their lives are so... Continue Reading →

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