Today I swam to Revelation

and it was a blinking long way, I'm not doing that again for while! I don't mean I swam until I had a revelation (and jumped out the pool shrieking 'Eureka') I mean I swam to Revelation...from Genesis. From the first book of the Bible to the final one - 66 lengths. Any further and I'd have... Continue Reading →

Of Mice and Mooses

Outrageous! What is this country coming to? Here is a pot of blueberry mousse.   A mousse is a dessert usually based on whipped cream, fruit and gelatin. This one appears to have some very alternative ingredients: The words on the pot clearly state 'Blueberry Mouse'. Really?  Would that be complete with droppings? I feel a... Continue Reading →

Listening in on Heaven

Last Sunday I was preaching about why the Bible contains 'horrible histories' (or are they 'helpful stories'? Maybe they are both). Almost as an aside I mentioned the idea of living with music of heaven humming in our heads.  When we know ourselves to be in the middle of a difficult story with many twists,... Continue Reading →

Chocolate: better for you than fruit?

My daily treat is a really nice cup of coffee. No added sugar, just one sweetener: so not too 'sinful' in the calorie stakes. The thing is that it's hard to have a coffee without 'a little something' to go with it. Coffee and croissant? Coffee and cake? Coffee and biscuits for dunking?  or Coffee... Continue Reading →

A Midnight ‘Call to Prayer’

Last night Jonathan Oloyede, a Nigerian pastor passionate about prayer asked every one in the Meeting Place (at New Wine, Newark) to take out our phones and set an alarm to 12 noon to act as a daily reminder to pray. About half the audience complied, some didn't and the rest were heard to say... Continue Reading →

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