A Bundle of Beautiful Bobbyness

Wednesday 14th Dec: sadly a weary old Bob took his final road trip. He was gentle, uncomplaining and stoic to the end. Bobby loved walks, he loved his Nan and all his humans. He loved his green dino, drinking from muddy puddles, sleeping on sofas or sleeping anywhere really. He came to love the car... Continue Reading →

New Collars!

Bobby and I both have shiny new dog-collars!In the previous post, I promised I'd be back with a shiny new collar - so here it is! And as Bobs has featured so often in this blog I felt he also deserved a new collar  which he is also very pleased with but, as you can... Continue Reading →

Is it possible to think without words?

I'm back at college... more long words: epistemological, ontological and eschatological (loosely translated 'how did we get 'stuff'/what is 'stuff'/what will happen to 'stuff' in the end) I've been wondering whether it's possible to think without words? It must be: children who can't yet speak can still think. Even my dog 'thinks' but how do either... Continue Reading →

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