You know you’re in Ireland when…

You know you are in Ireland ... when there are more Protestant churches than eating places... or perhaps we just got hungry in a particularly fervent part of Belfast? When the first thing you see when you step out of terminal one in Dublin is a large church tower in the middle of the car... Continue Reading →

‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’

I came across this in my daily reading the other day. It's from the Old Testament but Matthew in his gospel has Jesus say it, not once, but twice which means it ought to be underlined three times in our Bibles, especially because what Jesus actually says is, 'You don't get this... you haven't understood... Continue Reading →

Praying as ‘Watching’

There are a number of people close to me at the moment who are in very difficult situations. Some of them are in a place of peace with God even though they are in huge pain, they know God is far too big to 'fit in their pocket'. Some of them are frustrated, furious and... Continue Reading →

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