Through the Bible in … Three Years!

Okay, Okay I know reading through the Bible in one year is the gold standard for mega super Christian keenies but I'm a slow reader. Actually that's not true. However, I have recognised the fact that in my private devotions I like to do more than simply read: I like to mull, underline, highlight, make notes. I also... Continue Reading →

River of Delight

I  have decided I like rivers. I used to want to retire by the seaside  (David still does!) but now I'm thinking a house on a river bank would be much more peaceful. There's all that back and forth business with the sea: tides rush in and drag out and then, if you're out on... Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake – Best Ever

Here's a recipe for an excellent carrot cake. 'Mega good and keeps for ages' I have scrawled next to the blotchy 'typed on a typewriter' (how quaint) recipe. It can't be that old it comes with metric measurements as well 9 0z/250g wholemeal flour 60z/175g raw brown sugar (dark) 3 size 3 eggs (I just... Continue Reading →

Live Life In Colour

This blog has been sadly lacking in any fashion content. Apologies if that's what you have been looking for. To make amends this post is an unashamed plug for a company I have just discovered: Kettlewell. The above title is their strap line.  The unique thing about this company is that their clothes are  'colour-coded' .... Continue Reading →

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