Why Worship Matters

"Let man's soul be a sphere and then, in this,¬† the intelligence that moves, devotion is" These are lines from a poem by John Donne (1573-1631), hardly contemporary but still wonderfully insightful. We have all sorts of words for worship these days: praise/adoration/contemplation but I think loves this phrase, worship or 'devotion' is 'the intelligence... Continue Reading →

Struggling towards the light

I have learnt a spiritual lesson from growing potatoes. ¬†Just when they begin to show little green shoots just above the surface of the soil like this: you are supposed to dump another inch or two of soil on top of them! I was so excited to see these little shoots begin to appear, it... Continue Reading →

Life is not plain sailing

Life is not plain sailing and I am not a sailor. But life is like consenting to a journey in a little sailing boat. I am not keen on boats in general, little boats in particular: too vulnerable, too open to the elements. There is only room in this boat (which is my life) for... Continue Reading →

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