A place of ‘holy mystery’

In Luke 7 there are two stories of resurrection. Jesus raises the nearly dead, the centurion's servant, and the very dead, the son of the widow of Nain. Immediately after the young man sits up and starts talking there is a moment of stunned silence. Before the expression of noisy opinions or the blustering of... Continue Reading →

Treasure and ponder

What do you "treasure and ponder"? Most probably it is happy memories, kind things that have been said to you or moments of wonder. It is most unlikely that you "treasure and ponder" the moment a close friend told you that something terrible was going to happen. We might remember such moments, but we are... Continue Reading →

Transformation not Observation

So we are in the middle of Lent - a time when many people choose a discipline which helps them 'observe' the season. For many streams of the church, Lent kicks off with an act of religious observation - receiving the ashes on your forehead. But Lent is about more than outward observation; Lent is... Continue Reading →

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