The Man Born to be King

My friend Cathy very helpfully reviews The Man born to be King by Dorothy L Sayers

Is Narnia All There Is?

Transcendent. Poignant. Stirring. Powerful. Heart-breaking and deeply moving.

I have just read Dorothy L. Sayer’s The Man Born to be King. This is a twelve-play cycle on the life of Jesus Christ, written in 1941 and broadcast on BBC radio. The plays are extra-ordinary. I feel as if I could have been there. Her characterisations are rich, rounded and also true to the Bible. She has added depth, theology, explanation and background to the gospel narratives, and included an ingenious and completely believable solution to the question about why Judas betrayed Jesus. The plays about the passion draw on the chronology of events as suggested by Frank Morrison, in ‘Who Moved the Stone’ – a classic book, and one that means a lot to me. It was the book that first convinced me that the resurrection did truly happen.

The book includes notes on each of the twelve plays. I…

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Be Joyful in Hope

On Wednesday evening as part of our Lent course, a group of us from church studied a passage from Romans 12: 9-21. In the CEV the chapter is entitled 'How to live the new life of Love'. How to... indeed... that is the question. This passage gets really specific. 21 instructions follow one after the... Continue Reading →

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