The modern fight against slavery

This morning I was forcibly struck by the relevance of ancient Hebrews writings (the Psalms) to a communication I received just yesterday in the post. For some time, we have supported the work of the International Justice Mission. I confess to not always reading the circulars and updates I receive from charities but something made... Continue Reading →

Portmeirion – beautiful but …

Yesterday I visited Portmeirion with some friends. It took me till this morning to work out what I didn't like about it. In case you don't know Portmeirion is a village constructed on a private peninsula overlooking Traeth Bach tidal estuary in North Wales. It was built by the architect Clough Williams-Ellis to show how... Continue Reading →

Of Dung-beetles and stars

This morning I read something that made me stop and say 'WOW... just WOW' "Dung beetles use the milky way to navigate" How AMAZING is that? Seriously? A tiny little insect that spends its entire life rolling around in poo is so deeply committed to moving in a straight line, it uses the stars to... Continue Reading →

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